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Welcome! This is Breemee33. I have started this wiki to organize all of the groups I am leading/in.

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About Star-Legend Clan 

We were originally an Erin Hunters Warriors series based Clan. Modifications have been made due to the number of warriors franchise fans beinf rare on other games(Moved to Wizard101 officially after Freerealms shut down). Due to these modifications this unit of my clan does not follow the warrior code. We have our own code and we strive for peace. Active on Discord, Freerealms, Sunrise, Cereal Soup and Wizard101.

The founding of Star-Legend Clan 

Freerealms introduced me to the Warriors series. Joining many clans on there it was a learning experience for me due to my young age at the time. Freerealms unfortunately shut down six years ago but is being remade into Freerealms Sunrise. I started reading the Warriors series at about the half-way point of my time on FR and have been reading it eversince, keeping the memory of my friends and family on FR alive as well as my warriors spirit. I started my own clan on FR shortly before it shut down, it didnt get very far though due to thousand of people already having joined other clans. After Free Realms shut down I officially moved my clan to Wizars 101 where i began making the modifications for this group. I was in Eclipse Clan mainly before the game shut down. I have found the FR community again as well as two in-game sisters. After an encounter with the FR RPG Community on Discord(Alex Realms group) I decided I wasnt going to lead my clan to dishonor the code. Thus, i switched my clans ways back to the original warriors. That however, didnt go very well with a certain alliance situation so I then made modifications to this group yet again. I have formed Warriors of Star-Legend Clan as a main clan that tries to full-heart-idly follows the code as much as we can in terms of still keeping the clan running and factors of RPG. I have high hopes for my clan and families success, protection, happyness and most of all peace in this clan. Thank you and may Star Clan light your path my fellow warriors.


  1. Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from the other Clans and you may be in other clans as a right of choice.2. Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life.3. A kit must be at least 13 years old RPG wise to become an apprentice.​4. When gathering are held with agreeing allies there shall be no physical fighting from my clan. These gathering are for the same purpose as the original warriors. To pass on information in a friendly environment.5. No member of this clan may neglect a anyone in pain or in danger, even if that someone is from a different Clan. 6. The word of the Clan leader is the warrior code. ​7. An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win his battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or it is necessary for self-defense. ​(If anyone gets killed by one of our members hands there will be a trial held for that member by our higher ups including myself. If we find the killing unjust(accident or no other way around it.) the member accused will be punished with exile, banned from the clan for a time that is decided by the clans higher ups or any other punishment we decide to see fit for the individual that has been accused. NO EXCEPTIONS.). 8. This clan is a clan of peace. The things that this clan will not allow: 1: ANY form of s**ual rpg or harrasment. 2: No physical violence to fellow clan members, allies nor even enemies unless needed for self-defence or we are at war with someone. 3:NO ONE may invoke a fight unless given the order to fight and this order will hopefully only be given in wars. 4: No SERIOUSLY EXCESSIVE swearing as there may be members of the clan that are underage.(edited)

(Still typing. Need to paste rules, modifications-systems-, roles and members.) 

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