For all groups-

1: Delet News Channel. (No need for it. Devided into other channels.)

2: Add Wikia Updates/Group news Channel. (Important changes to Wiki or updating/adding things to group!)

3: General News Channel. (Everyone can post things here if they feel the need to. I wont @everyone in here. Ill post things like times I can be on and such as well as other things.)

4: Add Links Channel. (Contains links i.e. Wikia.)

5: change main discord name to Breemee33#4842

additional note

 Star-Legend Clan storyline 2017. Part 1: THE REBIRTH OF STAR-LEGEND CLAN!(edited)   Part 2: A Challening Of Ways! Moonpelts Judgment.(edited)   Part 3: Reunited in the clan at last   Part 4: The Clans First Meal.   Part 5: Legend Star's First Deer Hunt In Six ears!(edited)   Part 6: Legend Star And Snow Hearts First Hunt.(edited)   Part 7: Preditorial Prey.   Part 8: Enter Side Writing! Naruto: Second Ninja World - Book 3: (Untitled) By: Breanna(Legend Star).(edited)   Part 9: Legend Star/Snow Hearts 1st POV Writings.(See #s-lc-povs).(edited)   Part 10: SoulPaw's Warrior Apprentice Ceremony-The first PhantomTrails WolfPack member in S-LC-. 

Part 11: Soul Paws Hunting.   Part 12: First Hunting Retrieval

Part 9: POV's #1(edited)   (SnowHeart and Legend Stars still in progress)   Nιgɦtѕhαdє - 08/24/2017 SnowHeart's POV Somewhere, in a place unknown, she appeared again in what appeared as darkness at first, but then became clear to be only a cave. Her fur now black, with darker grey markings, a bird skull covering/over her face and jaw underneath her own. She opened her eyes once again, now being a crimson red but with no reflection of color within them...she looked around, expecting to see someone. She froze, sensing a presence she knew too well... "Show yourself.." she growled, another dark figure then appeared before her, it was Shadow. "Why, hello darling~ Long time no see ;3" said Shadow Snow of course didn't answer to this ((oh gods, I just figured something out I think)) "Hmph, fine don't say hi. You were always selfish like that anyway.." Shadow sneered " will you tell me why I'm here exactly? Or are you just going to be a b---- about it?" Snow replied harshly.