Aohokiba’s History.

There is a second child in which Minato Namikaze sealed ¼ of Kurama(Kyuubi-Nine tails-) in (Naruto’s side). He had thought of the Uchiha Clan and knew of their leader's eldest son, Itachi Uchiha’s potential and that he had inherited the Will of Fire. Minato saw a glimpse of the future and foresaw Itachi’s fate. From Itachi being in the ANBU futuristically, Minato had a way to also bloodlink him to Aohokiba, with his future consent of course. Minato, still seeing the future, had requested Itachi’s father Fugaku to use his Mangekyo to transplant Aohokiba with Itachi’s cells, creating the bloodlink. At the same time Minato transplanted his teleportation technique into his daughter. Both Minato and Fugaku did this transplantation in Aohokiba’s right side. After the implantations Ino Yamanaka used one of his Mind jutsu’s to erase everyone’s memory of Aohokiba’s existence, including himself but still left the memory of everything else.


Some clans lived in various villages throughout the Ninja World. There would be people who would be almost exactly identical to someone from the original Naruto series. This caused civil wars and national wars due to expectations and ridicule. They call the original characters in naruto(who’s time is called the Uncharted Era) ‘Originals’ or someone's ‘Hereditarial Ancestor/Partner’. For example:

In the beginning of the book Aohokiba is being chased by two shinobi from the cloud village and Hyuuga Clan. They take the form of Obito Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake’s younger selves but Obito is born with his sharingan in both eyes and Kakashi has a sharingan in his left eye. Yes they have the Byakugan but it doesn’t show unless they activate it. Obito and Kakashi both have similarities to the originals but they are not direct descendants, meaning they don’t have the closest partnership with their originals so they themselves are not called originals.


Kurama places 2 things on Aohokiba:

1 The ability to sense malice.

2 the Curse of Emotion which forces Aohokiba to unwillingly experience the negative emotions of others.

Druid Style

Upon entering the second world Itachi’s sharingan manifested itself and changed, adding an additional style of jutsu to Aohokiba’s arsenal. Much like how the sharingan gives one the ability to copy other jutsu, Aohokiba gained a new kekkei genkai, more like a new jutsu style that was created within her. She would later name it: Druid Style.


Aohokiba can activate this style through using any of her five senses.

Blood Scroll

Similar to the Summoning scrolls. The user collects a drop of blood from the being he/she is using the jutsu on and it eliminates the deteriorating after effects of morphing. Exactly like how gaining anothers Mangekyo in the Uchiha Clan illuminates total blindness, the blood scroll eliminates any physical strain on the user.(edited)

Druid Style:

Humane .

Druid Chakra Jutsu:

Copy chakra natures, any jutsu and kekkei genkai.

Druid Appearance Jutsu:

Physically morph into an opponent.

Druid Vocal Jutsu:

Copy vocal aspects.

Can combine with Druid Appearance Jutsu but can be mistaken for an advanced Transformation Jutsu. However there is no flaws in appearance. The only flaw can be when the identity of the subject(person the jutsu was casted on) is flawed. If willed to the user of this jutsu can morph into the current state of the subject.

Druid Jutsu:

Completely morph into an opponent. A combination of all three previous jutsu’s simultaneously. The hardest out of the four.

Druid Style:

Animalia .

Druid Misc Jutsu:

Gain any body part of an animal. Tails, eyes, wings, bone structure, etc.

Druid Communication Jutsu:

Allows the user to understand and speak the language of the subject.

Druid Jutsu:

Exactly the same as Druid Style: Humane Druid Jutsu.

Effects of the Druid Style

Temporary strain on all five senses without the use of the blood scroll. Drains chakra depending on how long the jutsu is used and the strength needed to remain in it. When Druid Style: Humane Druid Jutsu is activated the Curse of Emotion grows stronger toward the subject.

Minato’s teleportation

Through her malice sensing Aohokiba can’t control when she teleports through fear. Once she is adopted into Konohagakure and starts training with Minato Namikaze and Itachi Uchiha to use teleportation, Minato’s special kunai and symbol formula, Aohokiba can control every aspect of this technique far easier.

This is all the information i have without giving any major spoilers to the story :).