Member Form Template

name- main fur color, marking/undercoat color, gender, eye color.   

(By rank a members last name is different. Kit rank= Kit, Apprentice ranks= Paw, Full named warriors and medicine cats may either request a last name or their leader will give them said last name. First names can be related to nature, appearance, personality, etc but not normal human names. a one-two liner describing the appearance of your form.)

Members(whos forms are posted)

Apprentice. @Zemlin - Silent Paw: Black panther tom with bright yellow eyes.(edited)   Warriors Apprentice/(Main Deputy Candidate) @Thunder Claw - Thunder Paw: White tom with golden specks of fringe on his face. Red eyes with blue lighting. Leader. @Legend Star - Legend Star: Silver/white snow-leopard she cat with dark blue leopard print and deep sapphire blue eyes. Has a long thick scar stretching across her left flank from her cheek to past her hip.

Members Bio


Silent Paw: Mate to Legend Star. Deputy Candidate of S-LC.

Thunder Paw: Deputy Candidate and Warrior Apprentice of S-LC. RP cousin-Feudal Legends manga- (Brother) to Legend Star. Sophia RoseHeart(Emily/Moon Paw) is the daughter of Thunder Paw and Snow Paw(Alexis).

Legend Star: Founder and leader of S-LC.

Titan Paw: Brother to Legend Star. Deputy Candidate of S-LC.