Form: irl.

Race: Human.

Gender: Female.

Hieght/weight: 5'7ft/110Ib.

Eyes(color and/or in both): Blue.

Hair (style and color)/ and/or fur: fairly long, dirty blonde hair.

Attire (clothing): Usually leggings, t-shirts and hoodie. Red rimmed glasses(should wear them most times but I am forgetful :T).

Weaponry: None.

Weaponry abilities if original: None.

Other abilities: None.

Family: (see wiki entry for details.)

Personailty: At first to newer people she is extremely shy. She is also self-conscious about how other people see her so she really doesn't like when other people are angry or upset with her. Shy, polite, easily excitable, caring, protective.

Likes and dislikes:

Likes: Anime, manga, writing, drawing, reading, Warriors by Erin Hunter, rping, protecting and caring for her family, helping people.

Hobbies: reading/writting manga (has written her own original series called Feudal Legends.). Watching anime, writing fanfiction and original novels. Reading, rpging, leading her rp groups.

Dislikes: spicy foods, spiders, her family being hurt, seeing depression and suicidal thinking in other people.

Birthdate: July 14th.


Bloodtype: Unknown.

Career/Profession/Affiliation: Highschool student.

Backstory (if one): None.

Name: Breanna.

Other things: Has Cerebral Palsy which is a walking disability caused by (in her case) a brain hemrage at premature birth (7 weeks). She can walk and even run (at fast jogging pace for normal ppl) but can't climb stairs without a railing and no center balance plus she wobbles from side to side when walking. (Has been called a penguin before.).

Tmezone: MST(Mountain Standard Time) Montana.

Gender: Female.


Discord user: Legend Star#4842.

Scratch(imagine program share): TombRose24. (My irl friend Tomb Paw-kohai- and I share an account but i call myself Legendstar14 on there).

Animo app: Gaster Eddhead Otaku Warriorcat in the Kawaii animo, Naruto animo Inuyasha abd the feudal OC's Animo and Breemee33's RP animo(My animo for all my rpg groups). (Will list other aminos when I can.)

Usernames in other games without easy contacts:

Wizard101: Scarlet RavenWhisper. Cereal Soup: (Breemee33).

I am the founder of Star-Legend Clan which has two units. Star-Legend Clan(Modified Unit) and Warriors of Star-Legend Clan(Warriorcats Unit). I am known as Legend Star in these two units. I am also the founder of Densetsu no Kuni(Land of Legends) and Densetsu no Kuni (Main Hidden Village-needs to be renamed-) which is a serious Naruto nation RP. I am the 1st Densetsukage, Ketsuekiho Uzumaki(Uchiha/Namikaze) in this group. One other person and I are the co-founders of the Free Realms Sunrise Freedom RPG Community. We strive for peace.

Allies include:

1: Belle Regard in Wizard101 and Discord(Leader-King- is Alicane Kizuna-).

2: PhantomTrail Extinct Pack.

3: Oblivion(Family in Discord).

4: Unknown Clan (Warriors clan in Amino)

5: Emerald Pack.

I can be respectful and not list any enemies my groups may have in the realm of rpg. currently we have no enemies, but I personally strive for peace. I am fine with fighting as long as its just rpg wise, but when the conflicts go to an irl standpoint, that's when i dont like them.

My anime list(have watched):

Inuyasha(first ever anime and I still love it. It's special to me.).

Black Cat.

Black Butler.

Ouran Highschool Host Club.

Vampire Knight.

Ajin Demi-Human.

Blue Exorcist (Rereadingthe manga to refresh. I was on novel 5(out of 12). Ep 7 of rewatching season 1. Needs to watch Season 2 EXCITED FOR WHAT IS TO COME AFTER THAT!!!!!!!!!!).


Naruto.(on S3 E145ish of Naruto Shippuden.)

Sekaiitchi Hatsukoi ( Introduced to this through Amino not to long ago and FLIP YEYA I LOVE THIS!)

Wanting to watch:

Soul Eater.

Attack on Titan.


Sword Art Online.


Miuri Nikki(excuse the spelling if I just butchered that.).



More will be added to both lists as life goes on.