Greetings! This is Breanna SpiritVillage. Soul Legacy Society is a Role Play community with its own set of rules, striving for freedom and peace in RP. Those who ally with us will automatically become part of SLS and be known as divisions. Both SLS and its divisions must follow eachothers Terms of Alliance. Status in other groups, even apposing to current SLS divisions, will not affect SLS status, so anyone can join! There are franchise groups in SLS(Warriors, Naruto and Rurouni Kenshin-Samurai X-) as well as a general rp chat. My free range group I lead is the SeishinMura(SpiritVillage).

Wiki Navigation:

Top Tabs- HOME. SLS: Divisions, Group Info, Members. CHAT. EXPLORE. DISCUSS.

Divisions- Info on Role Play, Military, Current Divisions.

Group Info- SLS, Rena, Emerald, SeishinMura, Forms Templates, Members Lists.

Members- Link to all members pages.

To Members- In the Members tab under SLS I will add your forms, link to your wiki profile(if you have one) and a description of who you are in SLS. You may make edits to this page, delete and add what you want to. You may request for me to not add certain things, or add certain things. 

Warriors- Combat Guide, Hunting Guide, Medics Guide.

About Chat- Link to Free Realms Warriorcats Wiki Live Chat. Contains a PM as well but not a group PM from my understanding.

Joining- Contant Breemee33 on Wiki or Breanna#4842 on Discord to talk about joining SLS as a division or full member.

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