Role Play-

Any type and method of RP is welcome here as well as OC's, canon or near canon.

Any member of SLS and its divisions is automatically a member of Free-Range UNLESS requested not to be.

@ Division Leads are those who lead and represent their division. Every division has their own leads i.e. @ SLS Leads . and Members i.e. SLS Members.


If any SLS division is in need to assistance or is at war status ANY member of the military may help but are not required. If there are two divisions in SLS that are at conflict, military members may choose to participate to either help end conflict, or choose wt side they are on if any, STILL following alliances terms of alliance.

Current Devisions-

1:Soul Legacy Society.

2: Emerald Pack.

3: Renaissance.

4: The SeishinMura.

Soul Legacy Society-

Terms of Alliance:

1: Age Content: No s--ual content at all in SLS server channels. If you have to request an NSFW channel do so. Tell me if any outside links to other servers or group sites contain this type of content or ppl who do or say said content. As far as swearing and language goes, dont do it just to be rude, we can joke around and such but keep it within reason.

2: Dont Force RP: If someone doesnt want to RP, dont force them. This goes for fights, dont randomly attack someone if they dont want to RP or are not in an RP specific channel.

3: IC And OOC: Please dont fight outside of RP if at all possible. Keep IC seperate from OOC. Use () or anything like that when talking OOC in RP.

Emerald Pack-

Terms of Alliance:

(none atm).


Terms of Alliacnce:

A. Your community will need to have at least these basic rules: 1. A basic respect the system rule. Meaning, if any rper is doing anything that can categorize under bad sportsmanship towards rp (including but not limited to: spam rping "chain rping" even though the other rper is not comfortable with it being used, rping without letting other rper's actions apply to you, ignoring valid death) 2. Your community will be accessible rp wise to other cws and groups allied to rena, vice versa. Special exceptions will be made for you since this is a discord thing. Status in arda will not affect your status while rping with rena and its other allies. 3. Claims will not apply when rping with rena or its allies. You may still used claimed chars you have in arda, but you may encounter others with similar chars or moves, but they will not be counted invalid because of that.

4. You are allowed to add on additional rules to your group. However, should the community produce toxic individuals or harbor them, the rules may be subject to review and alterations. If the toxic individual is found irrelevant to the rules of the community, no problems will occur and we will just deal with that individual.

B. When at war status, the military force of the rena alliance will aid you. Your group will never be expected to aid us in war status, unless your entire group joins the military force

The SeishinMura(SpiritVillage)-

Intro and rules:

The SeishinMura(SpiritVillage)!

This group follows SLS free-range as well as the moral code and ranks of this group.

" We are a family and I will protect everyone here as if they were my own kin. We do not thrive in battle and bloodshed, we grow from our experiences with those who do and if we ourselves once did. We strive for peace above all else. We do not shatter unwanted memories of the past nor seek pride against those who thrive in the bloodlust of war. We grow from our experiences and guide those who are willing, to their own path without unnessisary bloodshed! "                                                                                                                                                                          Council, Council Lead, Leader 1: Once a member of this Seishinmura, always a member. You may leave but you will always be part of this family. 2: Follow the Council members and Leaders requests (Rules optional to follow, these are the morals I follow)- 3: Avoid unnecessary battles. 4: Do not neglect the ill or unarmed in pain or danger. 5: Be independant but dont dismiss help if offered and greatly needed.