(need to paste from Discord. This is the RPG Katori and I have started. Planning to add in Kakashi after we are done with a few things after I finish writing the Memory! Portion. Part 2-???(have 14 parts written. none of same length. So they dont go in how i ysually write chapters but they go by story events. Nearly done!).Once we add Kakashi in (requesting he be the 1st sensei) then I may add his assessment (only just to see how he will train a class. Good progrest so far. Proud of his work and dedication to it!) to the story line, or just a brief description but I will have to talk with him about that. After that is done we can start training the others and I may add the classes into this storyline as well. I am making this into a book so I will write it in my own formatting SEPERATE from this storyline rpg. Thank you my fellow shinobi! ~Ketsuekiho Uzumaki the 1st Densetsukage.)

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