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Welcome! This is Breemee33. I have started this wiki to organize all of the groups I am leading/in.

Other group pages(All in this link!)


This Naruto based nation is for Naruto fans(and non-naturo fans) who wish to become shinobi in a stable nation. We take this rp very seriously and run it like an actual shinobi nation. We are serious about the protection of our village and our land and wont let just anyone join unless they too are serious and wont just be there for memes or goofing around. There will be a meme channel of sorts as well as a Naruto discussions channel. The discussion channel is used for any topic a Naruto fan wants to seriously discuss(characters, events, etc) and may have an affect on allies and/or any village run in Densetsu no Kuni. I have ranks, roles, and systems from the original Naruto franchise.  


  1. Leaders of allied groups to the Main Foundind Village may lead their groups how they wish to. I am planning a meeting system similar to the Five Kage Summit. The Main Founding Village is still under formation so it may be a while before we add new alliances to Densetsu no Kuni. 
  2. Do not trespass into another villages/groups domain/territory without a valid reason such as being sent on an Intel report mission. 

Land- Densetsu no Kuni(Land of Legends).

Current Roles:

  • Founder of Densetsu no Kuni(1st Densetsukage).
  • Founder of (Main Founding Village).
  • (Main Founding Village) member.
  • Allies(Not added in officially yet).

Current Systems:

Kage-Leaders of hidden villages. Same as original.
Alliances-Any allied group to a hidden village and/or Densetsu no Kuni.
Council(Original Naruto- Konoha Counil- Tree Leaf Honored Opinion Watch) exists to help the Hokage govern the village and to make sure all decisions are made with the best interest of Konoha and its inhabitants in mind. members- Homura Mitokado, Danzo Shimura, Koharu Utatane)-Helps make decisions and planning for Densetsu no Kuni(or corresponding groups within Densetsu no Kuni)
Academy- Training center for Cadet ranked Ninja.(changed slight to better fit the Main Founding Village).
ANBU Black Ops(Main Founding Village)- Carries out tasks for the Densetsukage(or leaders of allied groups). Same system as original. Link to (Main Hidden Village) Info!

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