1. When gathering are held with agreeing allies there shall be no physical fighting from my group. These gathering are for the same purpose as the Warriors series; To pass on information in a friendly environment. (I'd want to avoid as much fighting as possible if we ever do have these sort of gatherings and especially at gatherings because it can be more dangerous then a planned battle where we'd have time to prepare.)

2. No member of this group may neglect anyone in pain or in danger, even if that someone is from a different group.

3. The word of the leader is law. ​

4. No one here needs to kill others to win his or her own battles, unless it is for the protection of the group or self-defense​(If anyone gets killed by one of our members hands there will be a trial held for that member by our higher ups including myself. If we find the killing unjust(if it is not an accident or in the case of there being no other way around it.) the member accused will be punished with what the higher-ups and I decide to see fit for the individual that has been accused.

5. This clan is a clan of peace. The things that this clan will not allow:

1: ANY form of s**ual rpg or harrasment.

2: No physical violence to fellow member, allies nor even enemies unless needed for self-defence or we are at war with someone.

3:NO ONE may invoke a fight unless given the order to fight and this order will hopefully only be given in wars.

4: No SERIOUSLY EXCESSIVE swearing as there may be members of the clan that are underage. 


Leader- Leads the clan. Deputies- Apprentices of the leader. Takes leadership duties when the leader is away. Medics Lead- Leads the Medics in their work. Medic Mentors- Trains Medic Apprentices in the ways of Medics. Medics- Heals the clan and interperrets signs and omens. Medic Apprentices- Mentored by Medic Mentors to learn the way of Medics. Warriors Lead- Leads the Warriors in their work. Warrior Mentors- Trains Warrior Apprentices in the ways of Warriors. Warriors- Fight and hunts for the clan. Warriors Apprentices- Mentored by Warrior Mentors to learn the way of Medics. Parents - Individuals healping to care for the clans Kits.

Kits- Children being raised by Parents.