Greetings! This is Breemee33. 

Navigation: At the top of this page are tabs titled: HOME, GROUPS, WIKIUSERS/CHAT, EXPLORE and DISCUSS. HOME is how you can get to this page, The things listed in GROUPS are: SLRPC(Soul Legacy Role Play Community), S-LC(Star-Legend Clan), DnK(Densetsu no Kuni), Amino and Discord. Description of each are in those tabs. WIKIUSERS are pages that the people in these groups can edit on here if they wish to.

To Wiki Users: You can edit your own page the way you want to by clicking your name in the list! Ive only added the link to profiles and I will list what you are a member of.

About Chat: Link is to Free Realms Warriorcats Wikia Live Chat. Ill figure out how to add a Live Chat to this site soon enough. There is a pm in there as well. I am on there whenever possible!

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