Form: Original(/IRL).

(irl, specific franchise (OC/Canon):_, Original)

Race: irl: Human.

Gender: irl: Female.

Hieght/weight: irl: 5'7/110.

Eyes(color and/or in both): Glowing sapphire blue. (irl their blue).

Hair (style and color)/ and/or fur: irl: Long dirty blonde hair.

Attire (clothing):

depends on wt im doing-

If at peace/relaxing: Blue hoodie, leggings, shoes, red rimmed glasses. (perrferred irl clothes)

ranges from different OC's depending on the situation I will switch forms if need be.

When in battle: Simple silver kimono with my hair tied back in a high pony tail with a dark blue hait tie. (original battle attire/peace/relaxing clothes when not in irl attire.).

Weaponry: ranges from different OC's. Time amulet(Thunder Paw). 

Weaponry abilities if original: the time amulet can rewind times, meaning it can transport a being back to a certain location/point of time as well as this can be directed to individual wounds. these wounds can be saved inside the amulet to be used on others or back to the original being from which it was rewound.

Other abilities: Original incantations(Zem). (Feral) energy.

Family: See My Family! Amino wiki entry.

(parental figures, siblings, etc)

Personailty: Irl: To new people she can become extremely shy as well as self-conscious of how other people view her so she doesnt like it when others are angry or upset with her. Kind, excitable, shy, caring.rp: to allies and others when on leadership duty she is extremely proper but also has a motherly side to her within her groups. Protective, proper, polite.

Likes and dislikes-

Likes:  irl: watching/reading/creating anime/manga(is creating Feudal legends as well as many fanfictions.), reading, writing, drawing, rping, leading her rp groups, protecting her family, helping people.

Dislikes: irl: Spicy foods, spiders, seeing others being hurt/depression and suicidle thoughts in others.

Birthdate: irl: July 14th.

Age: irl: 18

Bloodtype: irl: Unknown.

Career/Profession/Affiliation: Leader of (S-LC).

Backstory (if one): S-LC founding history/FR past :T.

Name: Bre SeishinMura(SpiritVillage)

Other things: IRL: Has cereberal palsey(a walking disability) caused in her case by a brain hemrage from premature birth(7 weeks). only issue with walking is stairs with no railings =_=. can run at a normal persons jogging pace. little to no center of balance i.e. standing on one foot. has been called a penguin due to wobbling side to side when walking.

Tmezon(of rper if chosen to tell.): MST(Mountain Standard Time). U.S.