We are a Rurouni Kenshin A Meiji Era Romantic Story(Samurai X) Group.

Current Ranks:

Bakumatsu- RP's in the Bakumatsu. Imperialists- Imperialists. Apposed to Shogunate. Choshu- Imperialistic group during the Bakumatsu. Sekihotai- Imperialists group during the Bakumatsu. original Sekihotai. Shogunate- Followers of the Shogun. Apposed to Imperialists. Wolves of Mibu- Shogunate group during the Bakumatsu. Meiji Era- RP's in the Meiji Era. Oiwabanshu- Shinobi group from Bakumatsu to Meiji. Juppongatana- Formed during the Meiji. "Six Comrades"- Group lead by Enishi in Meiji. Kenshinshu- Kenshin's group during the Meiji(Main group including Megumi and other characters allied with Kenshin.) Kamiya-Kasshin- Users of the Kamiya Kasshin style of swordsmanship.

We RP in Bakumatsu, Meiji and also have a Dojo as well.

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